Vicki Jacobson

Please select the appointment type to make a booking.

Prospective Student

General questions about the financial aid process.

Duration: 1 hour

Current Student Appointment

Discussion about questions related to your financial aid offer.

Duration: 30 minutes

Transfer Student Appointment

Receive assistance and guidance pertaining to your financial aid offer as you transfer to MSU.

Duration: 30 minutes

Additional Aid Review

For students in need of more financial aid than originally received, or for those facing difficult financial circumstances.

Duration: 15 minutes

General Financial Aid Assistance

Duration: 15 minutes

Federal and Private Loans

Receive assistance and guidance on understanding your options.

Duration: 15 minutes

Federal Parent PLUS Loan

Receive guidance on who can apply for a PLUS Loan and where to begin.

Duration: 15 minutes

Registration Hold/Past-Due Balance

For those with an outstanding account balance preventing registration for a future term or graduation.

Duration: 15 minutes